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Who we are

The personnel agency HOFMANN-WIZARD was established in Pilsen in 1993 as WIZARD and received the permission for personnel mediation in 1994 from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Besides Czech companies the firm Wizard took care mostly of foreign companies, which had settled down in West Bohemia. Of course the German firms are concentrated mostly on international clients. The company Wizard has arranged very successfully jobs for skilled administrative, especially middle and higher management positions for foreign companies. The most wanted workers are for positions in management and quality control at production companies (production manager, quality manager, head of logistic), economic positions (financial manager, controlling, main accountant) and in administrative (assistants, secretaries, receptionists).
From June 2005 the firm Wizard as Hofmann-Wizard s.r.o. belongs to the firm group I. K. Hofmann GmbH, Hofmann Personal-Leasing, place of business in Nurnberg (www.hofmann.info <http://www.hofmann.info>). Also the Czech Republic is besides the country of origin German and besides England and Austria the next international market of the business group, witch was established in 1985 and still managed by Ingrid Hofmann.
Development of the economic situation and labour market in the Czech Republic and increasing demand for qualified labour brought also the increasing demand for high quality and more sophisticated Human Resources services.

Our newest Jobs

Java / Groovy Developer - Třebíč
published 23.09.2014
Účetní se znalostí FJ+AJ - okolí Třebíče
published 22.09.2014
HR administrátor s NJ (španělština výhodou)
published 22.09.2014
EDI Developer
published 22.09.2014
ABAP Developer
published 22.09.2014
Výrobní mistr
published 17.09.2014
Vedoucí údržby
published 17.09.2014
published 17.09.2014
Servisní technik
published 15.09.2014
Vedoucí finančího oddělení
published 15.09.2014
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