Partnerships and Memberships

Partnerships and Memberships

Hofmann Personal has an extensive portfolio of contacts both among employers and employees. We are active in co-developing the today’s labour market, and we keep ourselves informed about the newest trends. Through its network, Hofmann Personal engages itself in a timely manner in case changes in the labour legislation are to take place, making use of its knowledge of different subjects, ideas, news and suggestions from its partners.


Cooperation with Bohemia Training Institute

BTI provides full services to companies in education, promotion, advisory and other areas.

Manufacture, business, strategy and expansion leading to prosperity and competitiveness are the key activities of every company. Other activities such as those in connection with marketing, employee training, and organization of presentation, teambuilding and social events form a not less important part of successful company development. Please let us satisfy your needs in the above-mentioned areas!

HC Škoda Plzeň

Through its partnership with HC Škoda Plzeň, a professional Czech ice hockey team based in Plzeň, Hofmann Personal started its campaign titled NENÍ FANOUŠKA BEZ PRÁCE (THERE IS NO FAN BETWEEN JOBS), with which it intends to sponsor other types of sports and culture not only in Plzeň but also in other regions of the Czech Republic.


Association of Personnel Services Providers

As a member of the trade Association of Personnel Services Providers (APPS) we can guarantee observance of comparable wage conditions in the agency workers and of the entire labour legislation. We follow the “Golden Standards” drawn up by the Association and take pride in our being among the recruitment agencies which support labour market development and play fair both with their agency workers and candidates and with their clients.

What are the “Golden Standards” for the employment agencies grouped in APPS?

For agency employment

  • They possess a valid permit issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for worker assignment.
  • They are insured against bankruptcy and have a valid permit for employment brokering.
  • They pay wages and contributions within deadlines and to the applicable legislation.
  • They keep comparable conditions for agency workers.
  • They meet their obligations towards agency workers.
  • They conclude employment relationships and temporary assignment agreements in writing before work commencement.

For direct searching for permanent jobs

  • They possess a valid broker permit by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
  • They do not collect any fees from candidates.
  • They ensure that candidates always undergo face-to-face interviews with an agency consultant before being presented to the customer.
  • They always procure candidates’ approvals to present their profiles to the client and to process their personal data.
  • They provide the candidates with feedbacks about the progress and results of the selection procedures.

Association for Foreign Investment

The Association for Foreign Investments is a non-governmental non-profit organization to support direct foreign investments, development of the Czech business environment, export of investments and investment services, and collaboration between companies and the research area. On the basis of our membership in the Association, we provide personnel advisory services to the Czech Invest Agency in winning new investors.

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Owing to its focusing on customers and high-quality services, Hofmann Personal Recruitment Agency has won a great number of loyal customers, establishing thus a partnership of employers and employees with Hofmann Personal being a link between them.