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Agency workers / Temporary help

Recruiting agency workers offers many options both for the candidates and the companies. The worker is an employee of our agency, and we will find a job for him/her in the companies which have ordered our services. The service is free of charge for the job candidate.

Advantages of hiring agency workers

  • You have as many employees as you just need.
  • We ensure staff recruitment and selection completely.
  • You will spare the cost of personnel and wage administration.
  • We will lighten the workload of your human resources department.
  • The costs of agency workers are not included in the wage costs.
  • No legal consequences ensue from potential employee capacity reduction.

Advantages for agency workers

  • The same conditions are guaranteed as in the regular workforce.
  • Appointment of a personal coordinator always available to assist.
  • We will settle your social and health insurance payments. We pay your wage in cash or transfer it to your account.
  • In selected jobs, you are provided with funds for accommodation and free transport to/from the workplace.
  • The employment relationship period is included in old-age pension calculation.

Where you can find us

Do you prefer a face-to-face meeting? Let’s meet in one of our offices throughout the Czech Republic.

Are you interested in working with us?

Do you need further information, are you looking for employees or are you seeking for a job? Contact us. We look forward to our mutual cooperation.

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