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Permanent employees / Permanent recruitment


Looking for first-class employees can be a lengthy, frustrating and expensive process. We will search for them for you and undertake the whole selection procedure. Our personnel experts will analyse your specific needs and make use of our contacts and partners to find an ideal team on portals and in the media.

Why to leave the recruitment of permanent employees to us

  • We will help you specify your requirements for the position you seek to fill.
  • We have a wide database of candidates available with whom we are in close contact.
  • We will advertise the position on labour market portals and in other media.
  • We will arrange for a first round of interviews and thorough screening of the job candidates.
  • We will recommend eligible candidates and arrange for interviews in your offices.
  • We will only invoice you after the selected candidate has started his/her work.
  • We will receive CV’s and select eligible candidates.
  • We will arrange for first interviews and screen the candidates.
  • We will get the selected candidates ready for interviews in your company offices.
  • We will organize interviews in your company.
  • Our consultant will devote his/her time to you during the whole procedure.
  • After selecting a candidate, you will receive a feedback on the whole procedure.

We will stay in contact with you because your feedback is very important for us.

Where you can find us

Do you prefer a face-to-face meeting? Let’s meet in one of our offices throughout the Czech Republic.

Are you interested in working with us?

Do you need further information, are you looking for employees or are you seeking for a job? Contact us. We look forward to our mutual cooperation.

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