About us

About us

A flexible personnel policy is of vital importance these days. In Hofmann Personal you will find an ideal partner to resolve any issues concerning personnel management. In Germany and in the other subsidiaries located in the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, England and USA, we offer companies our support in personnel policy and employment applicants new career prospects.

The company was founded in 1985 by Ingrid Hofmann, who has been in control until now as a sole owner. Among her other activities, she is a member of the board of the Federal Employment Agency and is engaged in the Association of Personnel Service Providers (BAP) and in the Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA).

Since its establishment, Hofmann Personal ČR can take pride in its course of expansion. Many localities provide the best care of customers and workers right on the spot.

Company Establishment and Development

The history of the recruitment agency HOFMANN-WIZARD in the Czech Republic dates back to the year 1993 when it was established in Plzeň under the name of WIZARD. Since 2005, Hofmann-Wizard s.r.o. has belonged to I. K. Hofmann GmbH with its seat in Nuremberg.

The development of the economic situation in the Czech Republic saw the demand for better and more sophisticated service in human resources to emerge gradually. Hofmann Personal keeps responding to the current situation on the labour market and to the increasing demands for labour forces by opening new offices.

Hofmann Company

Owing to its focusing on customers and high-quality services, Hofmann Personal Recruitment Agency has won a great number of loyal customers, establishing thus a partnership of employers and employees with Hofmann Personal being a link between them.

Where you can find us

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