Our Values

Our Values

Our long-term relationships with our employees and clients are reflected in our values. We hold to our opinion that mutual respect and trust are the inherent parts of success and satisfaction in cooperation. Important for us is the high quality of our services and fair dealing which build a strong and honest partnership.

Read about the values we hold towards our agency workers.

Only those who know their values can pass them on.

Hofmann Personal Fundamental Values

We in Hofmann Personal in the Czech Republic, therefore, rely on the process of value transmission. The company values describe the method of service provision. All Hofmann employees carry these values in them and act according to them.

Read about the values we hold towards our agency workers.

  • Reliability: We keep our promises and work conscientiously for the welfare of our employees and customers.
  • Long-term focus: It is just in the time of dramatic changes that partners who can be relied on are needed. Thanks to our long-term strategy and clear objectives we ensure our sustainable growth.
  • Highest quality: Our everyday endeavour and ultimate goal is to provide our customers and employees with the highest possible quality. In doing so, we keep the process of continual improvement as a part of our corporate culture.
  • Appreciation: The frequent surveys we undertake always show the same result: the employees want to be appreciated. Therefore, we strive for frank, respecting and open communication, transparency and trust.
  • Team orientation: It is together with our customers and employees that we can only achieve success in our competitive struggle. Appraising the personalities of individuals creates an added value for all.
  • Dynamics: With open perception we can learn the needs of our customers and employees and offer always new and better solutions.
  • Enjoyment of success: Success is infectious and gives us pleasure. To celebrate success, you have to abandon your comfort zone. The more excited then you will be when you succeed.

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Owing to its focusing on customers and high-quality services, Hofmann Personal Recruitment Agency has won a great number of loyal customers, establishing thus a partnership of employers and employees with Hofmann Personal being a link between them.