Hofmann in the World

Hofmann in the World

I. K. Hofmann is among the leading recruitment agencies in Germany and Austria. Through our subsidiaries, we offer our services also in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, England, and in the USA.

Hofmann Group 2014 2015 2016 2017
Employees Ø 22 500 23 000 23 800 23 900
Revenues in EUR million 728 768 836 903

Over 100 localities worldwide


89 offices,
subsidiary I. K. Hofmann Projektmanagement GmbH,
subsidiary actuell Personal GmbH ,
subsidiary LOTT GmbH


17 offices,
business Unit eXperts 
consulting center


5 offices


Subsidiary nemensis AG,
subsidiary jobboxx AG


3 offices

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Owing to its focusing on customers and high-quality services, Hofmann Personal Recruitment Agency has won a great number of loyal customers, establishing thus a partnership of employers and employees with Hofmann Personal being a link between them.