Other Services

Other services

There are two crucial criteria for company’s success these days, namely speed and quality. Since its establishment, Hofmann Personal has been focused on combining flexible involvement with high qualifications of its employees.

Please see below what other services we can offer to you

Executive search

Are you looking for a top manager or other expert? Such persons often work for other firms of a similar scope of business in a similar position. We can pick an eligible candidate for you and contact him/her by ourselves. Your company will preserve its anonymity until the time of starting negotiations.

OSM (On Site Management)

Straightforward dealing and clear and fast communication are the key factors for success in extensive projects. That’s why we are where you need us. With our own office right on the spot we will achieve the provision of fast and first-class service.

Master vendor

Velké společnosti potřebují zaměstnance všech kvalifikací i pro krátkodobé úkoly. To často přivádí interní správu personálu na hranice vlastních kapacit. Nechte to na nás. Převezmeme kompletní správu personálu všech dočasně přidělených pracovníků i od ostatních dodavatelů.

Recruiting support

Large companies need employees of all qualifications even for short-term tasks, which often brings the internal personnel administration to the very limits of their own capacities. Leave it to us. We will take over the complete personnel administration of all temporarily assigned workers even from other providers.


We will save time and energies of your human resources department, taking over the complete management of your recruitment campaign. The operation of your human resources department will not become bottlenecked due to a great number of applicants and interviews which would threaten their routine daily activities.


A socially acceptable solution for those companies which are forced to reduce the headcount. We provide advice and support to those workers who intend to seek a new job. On the basis of intensive face-to-face interviews, we develop an individual’s profile, find his/her development potential, work out supporting documents of a highly informative value, and prepare for recruitment interviews.

Try & Hire

You will get an eligible employee without having to engage him/her in permanent employment while testing his/her performance and abilities. You can only add the employee to your regular workforce after deciding for yourself that he or she meets your requirements.

Where you can find us

Do you prefer a face-to-face meeting? Let’s meet in one of our offices throughout the Czech Republic.

Are you interested in working with us?

Are you looking for a partner to share your values and visions? Do not hesitate to contact us for both short- and long-term cooperation.

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